Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for at&T, Verizon, TMobile, Sprint – HiBoost Mobile Signal Boosters (10,000 sq ft)

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Remote Monitoring Functionality: With HiBoost’s Signal Supervisor app you can receive notifications when your booster is running at less than optimal performance or when you need to make adjustments to the output power of the booster. From the app you can also make the recommended adjustments to bring your booster back to peak performance.
Never Drop Another Call: Our powerful Home 10K Smart Link Cell Phone Signal Booster boosts all 3G and 4G LTE cell phone coverage. HiBoost guarantees patched up dead zones and a total elimination of dropped calls. Boosts cell phone signal on up to 150 simultaneous users. Provides boosted data uploads and downloads, improved call quality, and more comprehensive talk and text coverage.
The Most Powerful Mid Size Signal Booster Solution: With up to 10,000 square feet of maximum coverage HiBoost provides the most powerful medium sized cell phone signal booster solutions. This model is perfect for medium to large homes or mid sized offices that struggle with cell phone signal.
Compatible With All Major American and Canadian Carriers: We design and manufacture our cell phone signal boosters to ensure that they operate on all major carriers frequencies and networks. Our boosters are compatible with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, and many others.
Simple Installation and Set Up: Our cell phone signal boosters and their related set up guides are all designed to make installation and set up easy for the average consumer. We use step-by-step instructions, and easy to understand manuals to make sure that our booster kits are truly Do-It-Yourself. The Smart Link remote monitoring technology makes sure that every installation is simple and you’ll easily be able to set up your signal booster to it’s optimal abilities.


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